Craftsman 3000 Series vs 2000 Cabinet & Chest

In this second episode of Tool Talk, I compare the all new CRAFTSMAN 54″ 3000 Series tool cabinet and chest to the older 2000 Series 52″.


Correction: The one shown in this video is actually a 52″, not a 41″ as noted in this video. However, the spec size differences were comparing to the 41″.

Lowe’s (To Buy)

3000 Series 54″ chest (top) Not yet available
3000 Series 54″ cabinet (bottom) Not yet available

3000 Series 41″ chest (top) Not shown in video (Item # 1048616)
3000 Series 41″ cabinet (bottom) Not shown in video (Item # 1048617)

2000 Series 52″ chest (top) (Item # 997954)
2000 Series 52″ cabinet (bottom) (Item # 997955)

Craftsman (For Info)

3000 Series 54″ chest (top) (Item # CMST25460RB)
3000 Series 54″ cabinet (bottom) (Item # CMST25480RB)

2000 Series 52″ chest (top) (Item # CMST25180RB)
2000 Series 52″ cabinet (bottom) (Item # CMST25210RB)


I am sponsored by CRAFTSMAN, however “Tool Talk with Chris Duke” is a video series I created outside of my contract. All opinions and content direction are my own. I do this for my love of tools, the brand, and educating others about great new products. Thank you for watching.


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