Google Maps Now Available For Windows Mobile (Motorola Q, Palm Treo 700w, etc.)

Google Maps is now available for the Windows Mobile platform. I just installed it on my Motorola Q and it is incredible!

Just point your mobile browser to and it will download a .cab file. Install it and go! It’s awesome… and includes satellite imagery, street maps, zoom in/out features (hit I to zoom In, O to zoom Out), search and direction features. It’s super fast too!

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1 Unread.. Always?

I have been suffering with my home screen telling me that I’ve had unread messages in two pop accounts as well as Outlook. I tried everything to resolve it, short of microwaving my phone. 1 message was invisible in one of my POP accounts, and in another it was visible (spam) but I couldn’t delete it, move it, forward it, or even open it. I was able to solve the ... (more)

invisibleSHIELD for Treo 700w Reviewed

There has been much talk about the invisibleSHIELD by ShieldZone Corporation lately, and for good reason. There aren’t any other skin-tight cases for the Treo 700w that look good! This $24.95 is “military strong”, is a clear application (kind of like a screen protector, but for the entire Treo), has a lifetime warranty, and covers about 75% of the Treo (with the remaining 25% being the keyboard, the bottom, and ... (more)

Horizontal case for Treo Reviewed

Alright, the case I got from Verizon for $20 is going back. The huge plastic clip on the back keeps getting in the way and jabbing into my side when clipped onto my belt. Since I got my Treo a few weeks ago I’ve been researching cases to see what else was out there. Thankfully, since the 700w has the same form factor as the 600 & 650, there are ... (more)

My two week review of the Palm Treo 700w

I have had the Palm Treo 700w phone for two weeks now, and I’m severely blown away. I’m finally converged, and I love it. I knew this phone could do a lot, but I was surprised at how much it really can do.

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