Stop those annoying “Deposited a new message” SMS messages

Spam calls are bad enough. It gets worse when they leave voicemail. You know what’s even worse than that? Getting a SMS text notification that they left a voicemail. I was fed up with all of it and figured out how to stop them.

18001112222 Deposited a new message:
"This person called, but left an empty message"
Click here: 14691112222 to listen to full voice message.

For me, I like to keep a clean phone when it comes to spam calls. Meaning, when one comes in I delete any voicemail that was left, then I block the number, then I delete the call from my call history. It’s admittedly a lot of steps, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. With that said, it probably only happens twice a day on average so I just make it part of having a phone number. But this SMS crap put me over the edge, because now I had another step: to delete the SMS notification of their voicemail.

This isn’t just for spam calls, though. It’s for anyone who leaves me a voicemail message. My phone gives me plenty of notifications already that someone left me a voicemail. I don’t need anything more.

What I had to do was contact T-Mobile, my carrier. I did this through their online chat (bottom-right of page). You can call them, but you’ll be on the phone at least a half hour or more so I suggest just using the chat feature. Tell them you keep getting the voicemail SMS notifications for “deposited a new message” and want them to turn it off. They will. Annoyingly, this can only be done at their end and not through their app or website–or through your phone’s settings.

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