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Duke’s Drive: 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review

Over the years, the Ford Fusion has developed a reputation as a surprisingly tempting alternative to German and Japanese sports sedan rivals. Can the Fusion Hybrid offer an equally compelling package? Read to find out!

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Duke’s Drive: 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition Review

The 2016 Ford Platinum Explorer 4WD is an incredibly capable SUV that the entire family will enjoy. Inside and out, it's clear that Ford put all the effort into making a well rounded family mover that not only looks great, but has the performance and features that every family demands.

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Duke’s Drive: 2016 Ford F-150 V6 SuperCrew Platinum Limited Edition Review

Ford is keeping the best-selling vehicle in America current with the 2016's new technology and features, while keeping the F-150 Ford tough and fun to drive.

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Duke’s Drive: 2016 Chrysler Town & Country Platinum Review

If you're looking for more space than a wagon but don't want to pay SUV money, Chrysler is offering the deal of the century.

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