How to Add an Instagram iOS Widget

With the introduction of widgets in iOS 14, users can finally customize their home screen pages. You might be wondering how to add a widget to showcase your favorite Instagram account’s latest photos. Here are 15 quick and easy steps to do it.

  1. Download the free Scriptable app by Simon B. Støvring in the App Store
  2. Click the Gallery tab (bottom right)
  3. Look for “Instagram Latest Posts”
  4. Click the Get
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My New Apps for iOS, Android & Kindle Fire

Motorz TV Show AppThe Motorz apps have all been updated and are completely new from the previous versions! These look better, are faster and easier for us to make changes.

Please grab one and if you could do me a favor and rate it 5 stars in its respective app store (and maybe leave a nice review, too?) all of us at Motorz would love it!

Download now for…

Android (more)

Take Great Before & After Photos With This iOS App

It seems like forever that I’ve been searching for an app that will allow me to take a photo using an existing photo for alignment. Either through my show, or other things in life, it’s fun to take before and after photos without having to bust out a tripod and leave a camera in place the entire time.

While searching the Apple App Store again last week, I finally found ... (more)

Enable AirPlay Printing With Your Existing Printers

Enable AirPlay printing from all your iOS devices with all of your current printers!

After researching AirPlay-compatible printers (or lack thereof), I stumbled upon a different solution that works with your existing printers. The software is called FingerPrint that runs on your Windows or Mac desktop to act as an AirPlay host, and it works great!

Free 7 day trial, just 10 bucks–far cheaper than buying a new printer, and ... (more)

Birds and Rope iPhone Apps

What’s with everyone’s fascination with iPhone games that involve birds and rope?

I’m drafting an idea for a new game called “Roping Birds” and it’s going to be the new #1 app!

Trimensional for iPhone 4

A very bizarre technology concept. You take your phone into a dark room and after cranking the brightness up all the way, fire up the app and use your front-facing iPhone 4 camera (or iPod, if you’ve got one). Trimensional takes 4 photos of light reflecting off your phone’s screen and onto your face. It then quickly builds a 3D image of your face (or any other object) that you ... (more)

Apple iPad Donkey Kong Desktop Coin-Op

The Apple iPad isn’t even out yet and there are some seriously awesome apps being discussed. NetFlix is one I’m really looking forward to. But then a friend told me about this one today… the iCade which has “hundreds” of old arcade games such as Donkey Kong, DigDug, Qbert, and more. Too bad it was just an April Fool’s joke. I’m still hoping it becomes a reality one day.

I’ve ... (more)

What is the user agent for the Apple iPad?

If you are a web developer and want to code Apple iPad-specific pages, then you’ll need to know the user agent for two reasons:

1. To be able to code your scripts to look for it

2. To change your user-agent in your browser/client to make HTTP requests

As of the pre-release Apple iPad, it is:

Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; U; CPU OS 3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.10 (KHTML, like

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How to create your own iPhone App cheap!

Through one of my projects, Appmodo, I learned about a fairly new online service that allows you to design and then launch your own App for the App Store. They can run on the iPod Touch and iPhones, too. I checked it out and we not only created an App for Appmodo but for my TV show, Motorz, as well.

The service is called AppMakr, and it ... (more)

Verizon Wireless reps are fraudulent liars

This past July when I purchased my iPhone I had the choice of canceling my Verizon Wireless contract which expired this month, or continue it. After reviewing the cost differences, it was about the same cost to keep the plan active until December 2007 instead of paying the cancellation fee.

In order to do this, however, I had to merge my phone in with my wife’s phone and convert both ... (more)

How to disable the iPhone shutter camera sound

Earlier this year when I had my Motorola Q I posted this entry about how to disable the shutter sound of that phone. Now that I have the iPhone, I was trying to figure out how to do the same thing since the shutter sound effect is loud and annoying.

As long as you have iBrickr (Win) or Breezy (Mac) it’s very easy. Just install the Mobile Finder app through ... (more)

iPhone Leopard theme rocks

I’m totally digging on this new Leopard theme that was released today for Summerboard. I especially love the rounded corners at the top.

If you haven’t already, go get iBrickr (Windows) or Breezy (Mac) and then install the Installer app. Once you have that puppy installed, you can install a ton of third-party apps, games, and themes for your iPhone over the air!

And yes, that’s a ... (more)

Donkey Kong on the iPhone

photo.jpgMy favorite all-time game, on the iPhone using the NES emulator. Controls aren’t the best but it works!

In order to make this happen you need iBrickr (Windows) or Breezy (Mac) and then the NES app. You can also install this “over the air” using the Installer app if you have that installed.

If you need games for the Nintendo emulator, just head on over to this ROM download ... (more)

Syncing Google Calendar with iPhone

When it comes to the Apple iPhone and Windows iTunes, you can synchronize your bookmarks with Internet Explorer or Windows Safari, and contacts from Outlook or Yahoo! but when it comes to synchronizing your calendar you are severely limited, unless all you use is Outlook, because that’s all you can directly sync with at the moment.

I was an Outlook user for years until I gave Microsoft ... (more)

Apple OK with iPhone hacking

Interesting stuff:

“In an interview given to Gearlog, Apple VP of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak confirmed that the iPhone and iPod Touch run the same software, and said that Apple is not bothered by the flood of native, third party software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Joswiak defined the Apple stance as neutral, and while they will not intentionally break the apps with firmware updates, they will not ... (more)

Tether your iPhone

My Dad was asking me this morning if you can tether the iPhone yet.  I said not yet, but I’m sure some developer will figure it out any day now.  Looks like they already did!


Go to for the instructions.  AT&T’s EDGE network is tolerable on my iPhone… I can’t imagine it being tolerable tethered to my laptop, however.  Still, if that’s the only way to get online ... (more)

WordPress mods

I spent the evening “pimping out” my WordPress blog scripts a bit more. I found a cool Flickr badge replacement that is not Flash (shown to the right), added in a plug-in to easily add videos to my blogs, added in my Nike+ run widget, Twitter summary, and perhaps the coolest thing ever: the ability to blog by email/phone with photos.

I first tried the Flickr WordPress integration, but it ... (more)

Jesus wallpaper for the Jesus Phone

Jesus on the iPhoneMany have referred to the iPhone as the “Jesus phone”.

Well, why not make good ol’ Jesus of Nazareth your iPhone wallpaper? Just download this image in its full 320×480 beloved glory and save it to your photo sync folder so you can select it as your wallpaper. Next time you turn on your phone you’ll be able to “slide” Jesus’ belly to unlock your phone and say a few ... (more)

How to Kill an iPhone

What is the motivation behind destroying brand new consumer electronics such as the iPhone?

I don’t mean disassembling an iPhone for research and component information, I mean taking a sledgehammer to a brand new $500 iPhone.

I don’t get it, but here’s a compilation of iPhone destruction videos. Cringe away!

Will an iPhone blend?#1 Blending the iPhone

Blendtec, no stranger to self promotion, uses its own product (a 1,500-Watt electric blender) to answer ... (more)