Get my 5% Off MOZA Racing Coupon Code

Ready to jump into sim racing or upgrade your old belt driven kit to the latest direct drive options from MOZA Racing, but want a discount? I have coupon codes available. Read on to learn how to get one.

This is legit, unlike those annoying pop-under coupon code sites or playing Reddit roulette. Spoiler alert: there is absolutely no coupon code that will give you 65% or 50% off ... (more)

Branding updates for my YouTube channel: Build. Fix. Innovate.

Since I’ve shifted from automotive to tool reviews, then to reviews of products that aren’t tools, and more… it got me thinking that my old YouTube channel branding needed some tweaking.

BTW, I swear more videos for my YouTube channel, @chris, are on the way. I swear! I’m actually editing a video and it’s gonna be a good one!

My previous channel tagline, “DIY & Product Reviews”, no longer ... (more)

State of YouTube, Motorz TV, and Tool Talk in 2024

I love creating video content. I realize it may not look like it if you take a look at the recent uploads of my YouTube channel, @chris. It looks like something bad happened. Well, it did… so let’s talk about that, Motorz TV, and “Tool Talk with Chris Duke”.

So what happened? The pandemic happened, and I had to pivot quickly. That led to putting my TV show and ... (more)

I’m a pilot! I passed the FAA Part 107 exam 97%!!

After 3 weeks of studying hard nearly every day, I went to my local testing center to take the FAA Part 107 test to become a commercial UAS pilot. About 80 minutes later I got my score and was shocked and elated to see that I got 97%.

Why was I shocked? For as much studying as I did to prepare for this test, I was sure going into it ... (more)

Go. See. This. Movie. This Weekend! (Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse)

I’m extremely overwhelmed and emotional as I type this post. My daughter, Melanie, has been involved on the production team at Sony Pictures Animation as the script and story coordinator for over 3 years, working exclusively on the film that was finally released today, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, this summer’s blockbuster movie extravaganza.

But that isn’t the whole story, or at least not until a few months ago. ... (more)

It’s been a while… vehicle change!

Hi 👋 It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here. I did post a few AI generated images I created for fun but that’s about it so far this year. Just been incredibly busy with work!

This past weekend I purchased a 2023 Ford Maverick hybrid, so my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance is now up for sale. The Tesla is awesome, and I still love it, however it’s ... (more)

HauSun Sliding Door Foot Lock Review

This is my review of the HauSun sliding door lock. I purchased one 3 years ago and decided to review it while showing how to install a second one.

You can purchase it at Amazon here.

Sunvie Outdoor RGBW Color LED Light Review

It’s been almost exactly 2 years since I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel @chris. It’s time to get jump back on that horse and do this on a more regular basis. To start off, I picked something simple–a review of some outdoor color LED lights I bought from Amazon. Please watch and comment! Thank you 🙏

 ... (more)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Official Trailer

Can’t wait to watch my daughter’s first big film next summer… the official trailer came out this morning!

Tip your Amazon driver $5 for free

Per this article today, be sure to say “Alexa, thank my driver” to your echo device and your driver will get a $5 tip.

The new thank you feature is part of a promotion that Amazon says it’s running to celebrate its impending milestone of 15 billion packages delivered. If a driver is one of the first one million to receive a thank you, they get $5. The five

... (more)

Pausing Social Media

At the beginning of 2021 I took a break from social media, as I have several times in the past. But in the past, I only paused for a couple of weeks. It’s now early June and I haven’t returned. Why’s that you ask? There are a few reasons. My apologies in advance for the lengthy post. It’s a brain dump of my current state of mind when it comes ... (more)

New Tool Talk Logo for 2021

It’s fun to switch things up from time to time! While I loved the original wrench logo, it quickly became clear that “Tool Talk with Chris Duke” was meant to be more than just about tool reviews.

So, about halfway through 2019 I changed up the logo to the round version without the wrench. I really loved this version as well, but after having it for a year and a ... (more)

Surviving SEMA

If you’re wondering what to bring to SEMA, or what to pack for SEMA, let me help you out. I’ve been going to the SEMA Show for almost two decades, so I’ve got quite a list! I guarantee you that there’s something here that you haven’t seen yet, or didn’t even think of. Please share it with a friend!

What To Expect

This guide is for travelers who are there ... (more)

Fall-ing Into a GM

The following post was sponsored by the GM BuyPower Card from Capital One®.  All opinions are my own and not directed by Capital One. To learn more about the GM BuyPower Card, click here.

Welcome to autumn, or better known to us here in America as fall. It’s that time of the year when (hopefully) the crazy heat of this past summer is on its way out, and ... (more)

Goodyear Footwear: Official Sponsor of Chris Duke

This Facebook announcement that features a photo of my foot says it all! Goodyear Footwear is now my official footwear sponsor. You will see me sporting their new kicks for car guys on my show, Motorz TV, on Duke’s Drive, my social media, and more!

Goodyear Tires For Your Feet

Goodyear Footwear is broken down into 4 collections… Work & Safety, Performance & Racing, Heritage... (more)

Chris Duke Interview at the Shell SEMA Experience 2016

Alan Taylor and Jeff Allen interviewed me at the 2016 SEMA Show live on the Shell Pioneering Performance Stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Check it out!

2016 SEMA Show Chris Duke Appearance Schedule


Come meet me at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas!

11/2/16 2-3PM

Superwinch booth 31017 in South Hall

11/3/16 3-4PM

Shell Live Stage 600005 (Out in front of Central Hall)

I’m a toon!

Some dude made a boxy-headed character of me. It turned out awesome! See this and more in my photo gallery.


In The News: Los Angeles Times

What does Chris Duke and Emma Stone have to do with each other? We’re both in today’s Los Angeles Times! It’s a 12-page insert in today’s paper. Look for Emma on the cover, and I’m on page 4! See the full magazine here:

latimes-jan-2015-1... (more)

Featured in Nov/Dec Issue of Consumers Digest Magazine

Chris Duke in Consumers Digest MagazineCheck out the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Consumers Digest magazine! In this issue I was interviewed about the “connected car”. Pick up the issue on newsstands now, or read the article here:

Full Article