Woke up at 5am to order an iPhone 14 Pro Max

For the past few years, Apple has been making its west coast customers wake up at 5am to pre-order their latest iPhone. I learned my lesson a few years back not to wait until I wake up later because then you can’t get the phone you want on launch day. Then you’re stuck monitoring inventory at your local stores, rushing down to a store in hopes to get the size ... (more)

My Sept 7 Apple Event Summary & Review

My quick takes on the Sept 7 “Far Out” Apple Event:

Apple Watch Series 8 (40 mins): No visual design changes and no reason to upgrade from S7. S8 improves by adding crash detection and a temperature sensor. It’s clear they spent little time on improving S8 and much more time on the new $799 titanium Ultra edition which is rugged and definitely not for most people. I also love ... (more)

Insta360 Link Webcam: Honest Review

I currently own the ONE X2 and GO 2 from Insta360. Their 360 cameras are top quality, as is their software. When they announced their first-ever webcam called the Insta360 Link on August 2nd, I excitedly ordered it immediately and it arrived 6 days later directly from China.

Ok, that’s a little bit of a white lie. I actually watched all the available “influencer” reviews on YouTube (all of them ... (more)

Home Automation: Pool Pump Notifications

I figured out a cheap and easy way to make my pool pump smart so I could monitor my outdoor swimming pool pump (on, off, no-start). It requires no wiring or other electrical work, no drilling, and will work for any pump for that matter. It works like a champ with Alexa, and cost me less than $25.

The Background

If you don’t care to hear my story, skim down ... (more)

How-To Weatherproof Wireless Sensors

Not all smart home sensors are made to be water-resistant for outdoor use. Sometimes weather-proof versions don’t exist at all, or if they do they are a lot more expensive.

Here are my suggestions (that I’ve personally tried) on how to waterproof your non-waterproof sensors.

A quick caveat: I live in SoCal where there tends to be a lot more sun than rain. If you live in a colder, wetter ... (more)

My zen pool garden

I took over pool service after 22 years of having someone else do it. After investing the time in figuring out the pool chemistry it’s actually really easy and I enjoy the breaks from work to rake the pool and test the water. It’s very zen at times. Plus it’s nice to get outside!

The Terminal List: Watch it!

Finished watching The Terminal List tonight. It’s excellent and I highly recommend it! Plus it’s got Starlord and Riggins from Friday Night Lights 🏈

Chevy Blazer EV announced…

Looks amazing, GM. We love our ’21 Trailblazer and we might have to upgrade in a few years! Looking forward to the real world reviews next summer to see how it takes on its primary rival (Tesla Model Y) and the weird Mach-E. More details here.

Saw Jurassic World: Dominion

It did not need to be made. I’m glad it was the last Jurassic movie… it’s overrun its course. I only saw it so I could have seen them all. Skip it if you can! 🦖👎

Review: Uuffoo Outdoor Rock Bluetooth Speaker

This is my review of the Uuffoo outdoor rock Bluetooth speaker from Amazon. I got it during Prime Day for $64. Here’s the thing… it was on sale, only 1 left in stock, and no reviews. I figured what the hell… I could always return it right?

It can change colors, has a built-in solar panel, and is made for sitting outside so you can “rock out”.

Our pool area ... (more)

Back on social?

Oh really? (referring to my previous post) — Yeah, I gave it another shot and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. After posting a long-winded update video (now archived), I stuck to just posting stories. They’re still there if you want to see the big pool renovation and some how-to videos in my stories, like how to swap out a hose bib and work on sprinkler heads. While I got ... (more)

Tried a rock speaker

This is my review of the Uuffoo outdoor rock Bluetooth speaker from Amazon. I got it during Prime Day for $64. Here’s the thing… it was on sale, only 1 left in stock, and no reviews. I figured what the hell… I could always return it right?

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)

My daughter has been working on this film the past few years… here’s the first teaser for it!!

Jetson One all-electric ultralight

Fast-charger adds 300 miles of range in under 5 minutes

Wow… this is incredible and equates to about how long it takes to fill up a tank of gas. Read about it here.

How-To Add a Tesla RFID Key to Your Smartphone Case

With most modern Tesla vehicles you can unlock your car with your phone, or a plastic key card which contains an embedded RFID chip. Tesla gives you two cards when you take delivery. So you have those two physical black key cards, or you can use your smartphone. I’ve been just using my iPhone, but also keeping one of the key cards in my Apple MagSafe wallet just in case. ... (more)

Billionaire space dudes

Tesla Model 3 Performance Test Drive

I just test drove a Tesla M3P for the first time and um… I’ll let my reaction speak for itself 🚀

San Diego Lightning Storm

Had the craziest out-of-the-blue lightning show tonight here in San Diego. No rain but a lot of lightning and thunder! I captured this with my iPhone 12 Pro Max @ 4K 60 FPS and then slowed down and zoomed in on my phone.

I gotta fever…

Ended up getting a mild 100F fever yesterday, so spent most of the day in bed resting, napping, and watching Han get blown up. No fever today and getting back to normal!