Diagnosing The Dreaded Check Engine Light

CheckEngineLightAs far as indicators go, few are as ominous, even dreaded, as the check engine light. Considering the enormous number of things it can signify, severity can range from harmless to serious. Reacting to the warning is far less strenuous if you have some basic experience and highly cost effective tools.

The easiest step to take in diagnosing the annoying light is to purchase a code reader, called an OBD ... (more)

The Drive with Alan Taylor: iPhone 6 Plus & CarPlay

I was on The Drive with Alan Taylor radio show this morning! I talked about the iPhone 6+ and the Apple CarPlay connected car.

Listen to my segment here:

Listen to the full show here: Alternative Fuels | FULL SHOW | #162

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Special Guest: Popular Science Radio

I was an in-studio special guest yesterday at the Petersen Auto Museum in Beverly Hills! I was on Popular Science Radio with Alan Taylor for the full hour show. I had so much fun, not just being in the studio inside the museum with all those fantastic cars, but also to be live on the radio! You can listen to the full broadcast here:

Cool Car Tech | FULL SHOW ... (more)

Reinventing Duct Tape

chris_duke_duct_tape-1024I’ve always known duct tape as being that nasty old roll of tape crammed down in the bottom of a tool box, acting as a magnet for dirt and other debris. To unroll its silvery sticky nastiness was an experience, and one roll seemed to last forever.... (more)

Radio Interview: In Wheel Time #2

Mike & Don from the In Wheel Time radio show interviewed me for the second time this past weekend!

We talked about Craftsman garage door openers, and more!

Listen to the full radio interview here:

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Big thanks to my daughter, Melanie, and friends Greg Erickson and Brenda Priddy for nominating me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge‬. I accepted their challenge and I’ve nominated Bob Denny, Joe Mayo, and Alan Taylor! I’ll be making my donation to www.alsasd.org next! That was so much fun!

... (more)

The Drive with Alan Taylor: Craftsman MAKEcation

The Drive with Alan Taylor radio show interviewed me this morning right before Jesse James!

We talked about Motorz, the Craftsman MAKEcation contest, and more.

Listen to the full radio interview here:

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Motorz S06E05 “The Towing Episode”

In this episode, I show you everything you ever wanted to know about towing. Be sure to watch Partz at 14:12, Letterz at 18:29, and the out-takes at 22:52!

Driving Tips

Chris in JeepThere are few activities more ubiquitous in life than driving. As a daily occurrence for the vast majority of us, it has become so routine that we simply don’t even think about it. However, this has a dangerous side effect. While zoning out or turning to other activities while driving is tempting, the seconds when it really matters can make the difference between life and death. By using a few ... (more)

Radio Interview: SiriusXM Freewheelin’

Chris T. and Meredith Ochs from the SiriusXM’s Freewheelin’ radio show (Road Dog Ch. 128) interviewed me today!

We talked about Motorz, Craftsman tools, the SEMA Show, and more. Listen to the full radio interview here:

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Thanks to a friend of the show, Rick Gideon, for capturing this photo in his car today!

Chris The Tool Man Duke on SiriusXM Radio... (more)

Radio Interview: In Wheel Time

Mike & Don from the In Wheel Time radio show interviewed me this morning!

We talked about Motorz, Craftsman tools, and more!

Listen to the full radio interview here:

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Tips For Extending Your Vehicle’s Battery Life

car battery mainteance - terminal corrosionWhen the things we take completely for granted fail, it can catch us by surprise in the worst way possible. One of those items is your vehicle’s battery. If it fails, no matter how much gas is in your tank, you likely are not going to make it very far. Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take to make sure it keeps the power flowing. From basic ... (more)

Advice For Modifying Your Car Yourself

chris_duke_auto_center_26_640x480Deciding that it’s time to modify your car is a big step. For some, it takes years before additions are made. For others, the purchase of aftermarket products begins before the car even leaves the dealership lot. It all is a matter of what you are looking to get out of your ownership experience and where you see a potential project heading. However, one of the biggest mistakes newcomers to ... (more)

The History of the Phillips Screwdriver

The History of the Phillips Screwdriver (Chris Duke) CraftsmanThe history of man has generally followed a long and illustrious timeline of discovery. From the first time a spark was created to walking on the surface of a foreign body beyond earth, the innovation of mankind has potential we have barely begun to discover. At the forefront of this great and timeless endeavor lies a few inventions that, without them, would have made subsequent achievements impossible. Near the top ... (more)

10 Tools Every Home Mechanic Should Have

chris_duke_auto_center_22Taking your car to a professional mechanic can end up costing you hundreds of dollars and eat away at your savings. Most people don’t realize that you can do repairs and maintenance to your car yourself, saving time and money. To avoid unnecessary expenditures, here are some tools you need in your toolbox to be an at-home mechanic.... (more)

5 Reasons to Do Your Own Vehicle Repairs and Improvements

chris_duke_auto_center_21America is a nation of people who love vehicles of all types. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that there are over 250 million registered vehicles in the country. With each of these vehicles comes the maintenance, repairs, and custom improvements that owners will need and want to do on a regular basis. While vehicle repair and body shops may be widespread and easy to access, there are ... (more)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo - Chris Duke - Motorz - Craftsman

Motorz S06E04 “Mustang Muscle”

Now that the Mustang has been restyled (see previous episode), our 2010 Ford Mustang GT gets the muscle it needs with a supercharger, exhaust, big brake kit, and an air lift suspension system!

My New Apps for iOS, Android & Kindle Fire

Motorz TV Show AppThe Motorz apps have all been updated and are completely new from the previous versions! These look better, are faster and easier for us to make changes.

Please grab one and if you could do me a favor and rate it 5 stars in its respective app store (and maybe leave a nice review, too?) all of us at Motorz would love it!

Download now for…

iOS http://mot.rs/ios
Android http://mot.rs/android... (more)

Motorz S06E03 “Mustang Restyling”

Me and my crew restyle a 2010 Ford Mustang GT by giving it a vehicle wrap and aftermarket appearance products.